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Blue Saimaa – the best fishing experience in Finland!

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Established in the summer of 2012, the company provides best fishing trips on lake Saimaa.

Blue Saimaa provides premium fishing and adventure experiences located in the heart of the Saimaa Lake District. Company has dedicated itself to bringing the wonders of Saimaa, one of Finland’s largest and most pristine lake areas, closer to both avid anglers and nature enthusiasts. Blue Saimaa specializes in crafting unforgettable journeys across the serene waters of Saimaa, offering guests the opportunity to engage in both traditional and modern fishing techniques guided by local experts.

With a deep respect for nature and a commitment to sustainability, Blue Saimaa ensures that every fishing trip is not only an adventure but also an educational experience that highlights the importance of preserving natural water bodies. Guests can expect to encounter a variety of fish species, learn about local ecosystems, and, most importantly, enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Finnish nature. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman looking for the catch of a lifetime or a family seeking a unique outdoor activity, Blue Saimaa’s fishing and adventure trips promise a blend of excitement, relaxation, and a deeper appreciation for Finland’s natural landscapes.

Angling, trolling, trawling excursions, Jig-Fishing, Crayfish Safaris, Pulling and Setting Fishnets