Dried fish is good for your pet

Why choose Häkkinen’s dried fish treats for your pet?

Domestic clean natural product (fishing area Great Saimaa)
Additive-free and chemical-free (allergies)
Healthy (takes care of teeth and fur)
Ecological (utilizes the by-products of filleting such as the head and incidental catch like vendace)
Expands selection (satisfied customers)
Versatile (dogs, cats, ferrets, turtles, hedgehogs, etc.)
Häkkinen’s fish treat is the dried fish treat brand of Blue Saimaa Ltd. Our selection includes only top-grade air-dried products! All dried fish treats are caught from the clean waters of Saimaa. Dried fish contain a lot of protein and good fats which are beneficial for your pet and make their coat shine. Häkkinen’s fish treats have gained great popularity in a short time, and we are continuously expanding our market area so that everyone has the opportunity to give their pets the best.

Dried vendace

The well-known local Saimaa vendace, now also for your pet’s food bowl or as a tasty treat.
Vendace is naturally healthy, additive-free, and a delicious treat for your pet. The vendace used for drying, like our other products, are always from Saimaa to the freezer, ensuring freshness even in pets’ treats! The vendace used is often the so-called small vendace, which, depending on the time, finds its markets to our dining tables congested. In such moments, we can utilize the vendace to make the lives of many furry friends happy.

Nutritional values when dried:

Fat – 10.50 g/100g
Protein – 69.05 g/100g
Carbohydrate – <0.3 g/100g
Energy – 371 kcal/100g
Calcium – 381 mg/100g
The package contains 100g of dried vendaces.

Kuivattu muikku

Dried smelt

Cats for sticklebacks and dogs for smelts… This isn’t true; both enjoy this delicacy!
Smelt is incidental catch that comes with vendace hauls, rarely used for food. Smelt and vendace heads are products that make sense to utilize for our pets. A healthy and natural treat.

Nutritional values when dried

Protein – 67.50g/100g
Fat – 11.50g/100g
Moisture – 9.20g/100g
Ash – 11.80g/100g

Kuivattu kuore

Dried vendace head

An easy treat, for example, for dog trainers. A firm treat that doesn’t crumble at the bottom of the pocket.
The vendace head is so-called “trimming waste” that always ends up being composted. Drying for pets is more than the best option for the use of this “waste piece.”
Tested and proven to be a very tasty alternative alongside dried smelt and vendace.

Nutritional values when dried

Fat – 10.50 g/100g
Protein – 69.05 g/100g
Carbohydrate – <0.3 g/100g
Energy – 371 kcal/100g
Calcium – 381 mg/100g

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Dried roach

Dried roach is an additive-free, healthy favorite treat for pets, which is a domestic, clean natural product from South Karelia.

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