Blue Saimaa vendace preserves

Discover the essence of Saimaa with Blue Saimaa’s gourmet preserves, a collection of artisanal delights crafted from the pure, vibrant waters of Finland’s great Saimaa lake region. Our preserves are more than just food; they are a testament to the rich aquatic heritage of one of Finland’s most pristine environments. Each jar is a curated experience, offering a taste of the local flora and fauna, meticulously prepared to capture the authentic flavors of Saimaa.

Our commitment to sustainability and traditional fishing techniques ensures that every product not only tastes good but also honors the environment from which it comes. Dive into the heart of Finnish culinary tradition with Blue Saimaa’s preserves, where every bite tells a story of pristine waters, sustainable practices, and a deep love for nature’s bounty.

Vendace preserves

“Vendace from Saimaa, a taste from heaven”

Our vendace preserves, made from Saimaa vendaces, are tasty and convenient as single servings, with unopened products storable at room temperature. Our vendace preserves are a healthy fast food option, allowing you to quickly prepare a delicious salad or even create a vendace mousse to accompany blinis.


Vendace with tomato sauce

Vendace with tomato sauce, 100g

Muikkuja tomaattikastikkeessa

Vendace with oil sauce

Vendace with oil sauce, 100g

Muikkuja öljyssä

Smoked Vendace with tomato sauce

Smoked Vendace with tomato sauce, 100g

Savustettuja muikkuja tomaattikastikkeessa

Smoked Vendace with oil sauce

Smoked Vendace with oil sauce, 100g

Savustettuja muikkuja öljyssä

Fried Vendace with tomato sauce

Fried Vendace with tomato sauce, 100g

Paistettuja muikkuja tomaattikastikkeessa